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Cycle Illuminated Wrap

The illuminated cycle wrap incorporates our patent pending electroluminescent Inverter power packs and piped wiring system. The beauty of the Illuminated wrap is it affords the user 360 degree illumination from the helmet.

The wrap is available in a highly water resistant Lycra with internal vinyl layer for more inclement times of the year. Or a warmer weather version (lycra/nylon) allowing more airflow and favoured by cyclists and Roller bladders alike during warmer periods of the year.

The visibility of the wrap is over 300 metres at night, with battery power (just two small triple A inexpensive batteries) powering the flashing unit choice for over 140 hours of continuous usage.

Technical Specifications

Patent pending features include the illuminated piping running along the dual lengths of the centre panel.

The lights have a choice of settings off, flashing or continuous light. The standard brightest colour available is light green, although other colour variations are available on request. Aqua blue however, is only available for law enforcement cycle officers.

As with the standard cycle wrap the materials used are a combination of fibres including lycra and nylon along with vinyl backed lycra, producing a high quality stretch material.

Each style of illuminated wrap has specially designed rear (neck of helmet) housing for the electronics to keep the unit safe from moisture, housed in a vinyl coated pouch. The unit is specifically housed in a pouch that permits the power pack to find its best position dependent upon variation in helmet design.

Safety straps remain an integral part of all our designs further ensuring safety of fitment.

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